DeFi Wallet Users

Token migration is the process of migrating your CRO (ERC20) on Ethereum network to CRO on Chain Mainnet.

Submit a migration request

  1. Tap "CRO Migration Tool" banner above your transaction history.
  2. Read the intro page of the migration tool and tap "Migrate Now".
  3. Enter the ERC20 CRO amount you want to migrate and tap "Continue".
  4. Review your migration request and tap to agree with the migration T&C, then tap "Confirm to Migrate".
  5. Authorize the send transaction with your passcode (and 2FA code if enabled).
  6. Wait for the on-chain confirmation of your ERC20 CRO to be sent to migration bot.
  7. After a successful sending, you will see the transaction status changes from "Request Submitted" to "Pending Approval".

Normally, your migration request should be approved quickly and you will receive your native CRO within 5 mins after the transaction status is updated to "Pending Approval".

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